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956 North 600 East, #26; Logan, UT 84321
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I understand that, as a Resident, I may not: use or possess alcoholic beverages, smoke in the building, or allow visitors to do so either. It is also understood that no pets will be permitted, and I will conform to all house rules of D'S BRIDGERLAND APARTMENTS.
A deposit of 200.00 should be sent to D'S BRIDGERLAND APTS. (956 North 600 East #26, Logan, Utah 84321). After submitting your application online, your deposit is due within three business days or you will forfeit your application spot. Applications withdrawn before July 1st for each school year and before April 1st for each summer, will be subject to a $25.00 service fee. If notice of withdrawal is given after the July 1st or April 1st deadlines, the full amount of $200.00 fee will be forfeited. NOTE: This $200.00 is for apartment application and security deposit and secures you a reservation at D's Bridgerland Apartments ONLY. If the contract agreement is signed and returned, and the rent payment is made as noted in contract, the earliest postmark on the payment of rent will be the determining factor as to who will receive rooms. The $200.00 application fee and security deposit will be refunded at the end of the school year less any damages and cleaning costs in accordance with your signed contract.
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